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ADA-Compliant Parking Lots Must-Haves

ADA-Compliant Parking Lots

The Americans with Disabilities Act more commonly known as ADA, was passed in 1990 as a federal law that helps people with disabilities to have equal access to all areas of public life. In simple terms, it means that all public places and businesses with 15 or more employees need to make sure their properties are accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. For businesses, that means you need to be aware of of what makes a ADA-compliant parking lot – or at least your paving contractor needs to know.

1. Make It Easy to Reach

Parking spots for people with disabilities should be closest to the entrances and exits. This makes it simple for them to get in and out. Ramps and entrance doors nearby are also helpful. It’s important to remove anything that blocks the way so everyone can park and move around easily.

2. Have Enough Spots

There are rules about how many parking spots must be for people with disabilities. If there are 1 to 25 parking spaces, there should be one spot for disabilities. For every 25 more spaces, there should be another accessible spot. Bigger parking lots, with 501 to 1,000 spaces, need 2% of the total spaces to be accessible.

3. Put Up Clear Signs

Good signs make it easy to find and use accessible parking spots. They need to have the International Symbol of Accessibility—a white wheelchair on a blue background. This sign should be on the parking spot itself and on a signpost at least 5 feet high.

4. Make Them Big Enough

Accessible parking spaces should be at least 8 feet wide. This way, there’s enough room for different sizes of cars and for people to get in and out comfortably. There should also be aisles next to the spots that are at least 5 feet wide. These aisles help people using wheelchairs or walkers.

5. Keep It Flat

ADA-Compliant parking spots should have a flat surface with little slope, no more than 2%. This makes it safer for people using wheelchairs or walkers to move around without tipping over. It also helps people get in and out of their cars easier, especially if they have trouble moving around.

Get Help from Professionals

If you’re looking to improve your parking lot and want to make sure your parking lot follows all these rules, contact Falcon Contracting. We can help with everything you need, from making sure the spaces are big enough to putting up the right signs.

Following these guidelines can make your parking lot welcoming to everyone and keep you from getting in trouble for not following the rules. Reach out to Falcon Contracting today to learn more about how we can help improve your parking lot.

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