Falcon Contracting




Falcon Contracting proudly serves local, state, and federal government entities in North Mississippi, offering reliable asphalt paving solutions for roads, highways, parking lots, and other infrastructure projects. With a track record of excellence and adherence to regulatory standards, we ensure durability and safety in every project undertaken for government agencies.


Catering to the industrial sector, Falcon Contracting delivers robust asphalt paving services tailored to the specific needs of factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial complexes in North Mississippi. Our expertise in heavy-duty paving ensures surfaces withstand heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions, contributing to the smooth operation of industrial facilities.


Falcon Contracting is the trusted partner for commercial enterprises across North Mississippi, providing top-quality asphalt paving for retail centers, office parks, shopping malls, and other commercial properties. Our commitment to timely project completion and attention to detail enhances curb appeal, functionality, and safety, driving positive experiences for businesses and their customers.


From driveways to private roads, Falcon Contracting offers residential clients in North Mississippi reliable asphalt paving solutions that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their properties. Whether it's a new installation, repair, or maintenance service, homeowners trust us for superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring long-lasting results that add value to their homes.ers.